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Securing Communications with Quantum-Safe Technologies


The National Quantum-Safe Network (NQSN) aims to establish a nationwide platform and a field-deployed testbed for a systematic construction of quantum-safe communication technologies, by evaluating its security and demonstrating the integration of quantum-safe applications, best practices, and use cases.

Our main goal is to deploy commercial quantum-safe technologies for trials with government agencies and private companies; to conduct in-depth evaluation of security systems; and to develop guidelines to support companies in adopting such technologies.

Testbed Infrastructure for Deployment

Deploy a production-ready platform and infrastructure for innovation pilots, accessible for partners to perform field trials

Quantum Security Evaluation Capabilities

Realize and provide world-class facilities for applied and translational quantum security research

Reference Application and Integration

Ecosystem and expertise platform serves to build readiness for next-generation quantum-safe applications and services

The NQSN, supported by the National Research Foundation, Singapore, is a three-year initiative led by the Quantum Engineering Programme to translate quantum science into solutions for addressing real-world challenges.


We provide a platform for technology exploration and develop a vendor-neutral ecosystem for end-users and stakeholders to demonstrate the integration of quantum-safe applications.

The network will first investigate the deployment of the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technologies, which is a hardware approach to quantum-safe communication involving transmission and detection of quantum signals. Together with the exploration of the Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), which involves upgrading software to deploy quantum-computer resistant cryptographic algorithms, NQSN will serve as a quantum-safe network for potential end-users to experience and understand these quantum-safe communication solutions first-hand.


Scalable End-to-End Security

Establishment of QKD/PQC hybrid architectures, Quantum Key as A Service and service-oriented QKD network in Singapore, starting from “point to point” to “multipoint interconnection”

Quantum Communication Ecosystem

Ecosystem building and support of the development of a local supply chain for quantum-safe sovereign technologies and services

Practical Security Testing of
Quantum Technology

Development of security testing mechanisms and tools, together with assessment criteria for QKD systems and quantum-enabled components

Technical Specification and

Support the development of the national technical requirements and standards; alignment with international standardization


Our vision is to serve as a model for Singapore’s quantum communication infrastructure, catalysing the development of a local quantum internet and quantum-safe communication services in the region and worldwide.

NQSN nodes will function as an open avenue for organisations to experience quantum-safe communication technologies and dedicated users’ applications. A Quantum Security Lab will be established to provide advanced quantum security vulnerability research and organise workshops for awareness of the available quantum communications technologies.


We work together with both public and private partners to achieve the mission of
a nationwide quantum-safe communications platform